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Bouquet Chalet is a prestigious and innovative online floral studio founded by award winning designer Heike Bernstein. “Flowers have always been at the heart of my life,” says Bernstein. We provide a unique selection of European-influenced floral arrangements personally curated to your needs. Using only the finest quality imported and locally grown flowers. and greens, our subscription-based service offers exceptional and caring customer support. Bouquet Chalet is a local enterprise serving businesses, private homes, distinguished corporate events, or intimate gatherings right here in the San Fernando Valley.

With care and joy

We specialize in events, subscriptions, and special occasions.


"Life should never be too busy for flowers!” When Heike Bernstein began imagining how she would share her passion for flowers, she knew she wanted to create a service that was personal, unique, and accessible. Designing flowers for corporate and private events will always be at the heart of Bernstein’s work.  Bouquet Chalet is excited to offer a new subscription series catered to the needs of your business or private life. From sophisticated to sleek, contemporary to traditional, romantic, lush, or natural, Heike’s innovative touch graces every arrangement, every event. Our personally crafted subscription series insures you are never without the beauty of flowers in your life.

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